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“ If It isn’t on Google, It doesn’t Exist ” – Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia


Digital Marketing & Analytics


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing helps you reach a huge audience and build your brand. You can target more customers online and generate additional sales. Digital Marketing is both cost-effective and measurable. Spend less, gain more leads by opening the Digital marketing gates which work 24 X 7 X 365. Generate Hot Leads while your Sales Team is offline or off Duty. Enter the Next Generation Marketing by going Digital today.

Nowadays people search for different needs online i.e they search in Google, Yahoo, Bing, AOL, and other Search Engines. The search engine gives out some results in the form of links to websites, the result links usually are in millions. The objective of the Search Engine Optimization is to position our website/advert on the first page and in the vicinity of a user search.    

VMS Services

In Today’s Scenario, you need a Marketing strategy Partner who helps you to align your Vision & Mission statements & to achieve business goals; in short, grow your business with us. VajraSai Marketing Solutions (VMS) provides a blend of Marketing Services with Analytics.

Our services 

  • Website Design & Development – Design, Develop, Host & Maintain the Website. Constant Content updating aligning with the Keyword Search.
  • Market Analysis & Research – Compare and Contrast the Competition strategies
  • Digital Marketing – Marketing on the internet space
  • Mobile Marketing – Bulk Sms Campaigns
  • Traditional Marketing – Road Shows- PR Activities
  • Marketing Campaigns – Print Media, TV ads, Billboards
  • Brand Building, E-Mail Marketing
  • Web / Digital Analytics
  • If you already own a website - Avail a Free Web Analytics Report.
  • Start your Digital Marketing today as per your Marketing Budget

Social Media Marketing


Create a high-level Digital Marketing strategy applying a focus on your brand and its intersection with your business line(s). 

Growth Hack

Digital Presence, Brand building, Acquire new customers, increase market share, by creating a Digital Marketing Strategy 

Segmentation Targeting & Positioning

Segmentation: B2B, B2C approach, focus on socio-economic classification, psychographics, and category analysis. 

Positioning: A high involvement service which will exceed the customer’s expectation - an Augmented level of experience 

Targeting: Marketing via digital/social media aimed at the identified target groups. 

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