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Coding, Where does one start?

Well, after training close to 8000 plus students from across the world aged between 8 and 30, I say that there is no hard and fast rule whether to start with a particular technology. A majority of students would start with Block coding which is one of the proven ways to get exposed to UI (considering the age group and also the prior coding knowledge). On the other hand, text-based coding is considered the actual coding by many parents.  There is always a conflict on which one to start first, I suggest "speak to the student, understand the area of interest, expose them to both the interfaces - get a demo by an Expert who can gauge the knowledge and interest" and take a call.  

- Bala Sudhakar Gubbala (B.E, MBA - London, APIMS - IIM Lucknow) 
  Marketer & IT Trainer (International)

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