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Solutions for Online Learning Challenges (Kids, Teens & Young adults)

Hello Folks,  I did put forth the challenges in my previous post and this one comes with what is the need of the hour to overcome those challenges. 

According to me, there are few pointers which need to be followed meticulously. 
Its Parent's time to take it up and rather seriously

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Online Learning - A Challenge for Kids, Teens & Young adults

Students (school going /college going/ undergrads/postgrads) are now forced to take up academics online (Because of the Pandemic that is shaking the world). The mode of teaching online is unprecedented. To adjust to this new digital environment, a student has to go through a lot of challenges. The …

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Coding, Where does one start?

Well, after training close to 8000 plus students from across the world aged between 8 and 30, I say that there is no hard and fast rule whether to start with a particular technology. A majority of students would start with Block coding which is one of the proven ways to get exposed to UI (considerin…

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Water: Essence of Life

In a country of Ganges, Krishna and Godavari talking about water in itself made us realise that it is like wastage of time as the nation is already having it in abundance. Though the water is the fundamental human need but sometimes abundance begets more carelessness and as a result the time has com…

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