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Online Learning - A Challenge for Kids, Teens & Young adults

Students (school going /college going/ undergrads/postgrads) are now forced to take up academics online (Because of the Pandemic that is shaking the world). The mode of teaching online is unprecedented. To adjust to this new digital environment, a student has to go through a lot of challenges. The challenges include acquiring in-depth knowledge in computer operations, working on editors, troubleshoot, screen viewing time, and more. All these challenges will not only add stress mentally but also physically.
Let alone the learning process, we have to wait for the examination processes and the Project submissions.
I would visualize that students will undergo tremendous stress to learn computer operations. I was talking to a few students who attended my first workshop. and was surprised to know that most of them cannot operate without adult supervision.
out of a lot of questions that I asked my workshop participants (class 5th to BTech & BDS) - one question that still lingers on my mind "what do you do when the screen gets frozen?" and to my surprise, everyone ( 20 participants) replied that they will either shut down or restart the PC/Laptop. My thought process was, in fact, correct regarding the students that they will end up doing the same work on and on (as in the above scenario where the entire work they did will be lost on a forced PC restart).
I feel that students might not be 100% ready to learn academics on a digital platform. Students might find it difficult to operate, organize, and efficiently work on a computer. The series of workshops that I intend to conduct will help them to work on a computer with ease and also increase the speed in operating the applications.
I strongly believe if a student picks up operational Speed and gains knowledge of different applications, the after-effects would not only reduce the screen viewing time but also minimizes stress. Thereby allowing your child to focus on gaining knowledge at every learning stage.
We used to complain about the content of each subject that was imposed in schools, now the digital stress will only double it up. As a parent, are we ready to support our kids and make them digitally ready?

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