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Solutions for Online Learning Challenges (Kids, Teens & Young adults)

Hello Folks,  I did put forth the challenges in my previous post and this one comes with what is the need of the hour to overcome those challenges. 

According to me, there are few pointers which need to be followed meticulously. 
Its Parent's time to take it up and rather seriously
Spend time with your kids talking about:
1) What Computer is?
2) Hardware that makes a computer and the uses of each component (broadly)
3) OS and its role in computing
4) Input devices and their functions
5) Output devices and their functions
6) How to use a Mouse and various operations that a mouse can perform
7) Keyboard and its operations
8) Organizing folders
9) File Handling
10) Shut down operations
Keep it simple, and quote relevant examples. My favorite example of an input-output scenario is the vending machine that serves consumers with different items. Item code and Money are taken as an input and the relevant item is dispensed as an output. 
We all know that kids love stories and  I suggest the parent ought to have a solid story to tell as and when necessary. 
Another important point here is to give children a task for every topic that you have taught. Make them work on their own, the output is really important.
let them take their sweet time, and in no time they will master the art of computing.
Please do remember, the more speed your child picks up using a computer, the lesser is the screen viewing time. 
Our target is to reduce the Screen viewing and Bingo!!! That's what a Russian pilot says after a fighter jet somersaults successfully !!!   

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