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Water: Essence of Life

In a country of Ganges, Krishna and Godavari talking about water in itself made us realise that it is like wastage of time as the nation is already having it in abundance. Though the water is the fundamental human need but sometimes abundance begets more carelessness and as a result the time has come to ponder upon it minutely.

Hyderabad is one of the busiest cities in India and with the rise in density of population it is very obvious to have stretch on the existing available resources.  The recent study of water samples collected from various cities by Department of Consumer Affairs has raised a question mark over the portability of existing water that is being available for the society.

Waterborne diseases are not new to us and our country has already witnessed so many epidemics in the past. Even it has led to exodus also that had jolted the nation. It is surely the responsibility of the governing body to make available portable water for all that fits as per IS 10500:2012. But one thing is to be pointed out here that the healthy lifestyle is not only the responsibility of the government. It is also our duty to take care of ourselves and our family. There are many steps that has already been communicated by concerned agencies that would assist in the drive started by GOI to ensure safe water being mentioned below for consideration-

1. Boiling of water

This is the easiest to make water fit for our family. But it is must to filter the warm water to remove any solid particles if it exists in the water.

2. Using Iodine Solution, Tablets or Crystals

This method is one of the effective and convenient methods to make existing water fit for use. However it is recommended to use water only after thirty minutes. The iodine is effective in killing viruses and bacteria. But here we have a catch here as the same can't be provided to pregnant women.

3. Chlorine Droplets

The droplets are effective in killing bacteria. But the waiting time after pouring chlorine drops is 30 minutes for usage. The no. of drops to be poured carefully as the excess quantity may turn water into poison.

4. Ultraviolet Rays

It's like a small flashlight that can swish around water for a few minutes and may kill bacteria. It is also required to filter solid particles after UV treatment before usage.

All of the methods can be adopted by different families as per the condition of the water available in their nearby vicinity. But it is required to have test report of water then accordingly treatment can be adapted. But in this technologically advance era, the water purifiers are available with inbuilt technology that can convert polluted water to potable. One of the leading companies in India is Kent RO which provides all ranges of products that can solve the problem for all classes of society.

Kent has been in water solutions for years and with the passage of years the trust of consumers has risen like anything. Solution is available for drinking water, for softening hard water used for washing machine, geysers, for cleaning fruits and vegetables and more. Gone are the days when we have to worry about the health of family. Here in Hyderabad, Vajra Sai Group has a tied-up with Kent RO to provide all products related to the water purification.

If you are in Hyderabad and having a glitch in your mind about the water solution, please contact Vajra Sai Group immediately. Let's make Hyderabad Disease Free and contribute towards the same together!!!!

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