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Medical devices

A portable medical device is used to perform diagnosis in the clinic, home, and in any remote area.

It is a handy and portable diagnostic device with an App-based technology, which is easy to carry and used to get test results instantly anywhere & anytime. 

Are you really feed-up in finding a lab around you, for your routine check-up. If so, here is a one-stop solution.

It is absolutely hassling free & easy to handle.

It is a handy device, which you can carry it anywhere with you even during your journey or Vacation time.

No need to wait for reports anymore, get it instantly through our device.

No need to file all your reports and keep searching when required. The device is attached to the cloud, where it stores all your reports and the history can be viewed at any time.

This device is used to diagnose almost 24 types of tests such as Blood test, Urine test, Pregnancy test, HIV test, and more

This device is an APP based machine with ISO certified.